yes, sarah You’re right Sarah, that was a beautiful sunset Apr 24, 2023 Daily Pic & Doggy & Sunset & Rural
yes, sarah Apr 24, 2023 Daily Pic & Doggy & Sunset & Rural You’re right Sarah, that was a beautiful sunset aurora! Apr 23, 2023 Daily Pic & Sky & Rural My old eyes didn’t ‘see’ this quite with quite the same level of detail, but still very cool to catch an aurora as far south as we are… cornell bound Apr 22, 2023 Daily Pic & Kiddo & College Kiddo’s decided where to go, and so we spent the weekend going for a visit on campus. So very excited for him, while also being a little sad that st. patrick's day cheating Mar 17, 2023 Daily Pic Live in a heavily Catholic area, so I generally just go along with fish on Friday over Lent. But apparently they are free to meat it up here because impossible but true Mar 8, 2023 Toby Tiny hands! NOT tiny hands! Happy 19th kiddo! Love you always, Dad clouds! Mar 4, 2023 Daily Pic & Sky Love the clouds in this one triple Feb 21, 2023 Daily Pic & Sky & Rural Caught the moon and a couple planets walking girlie :) bit of funk Feb 13, 2023 God & AnarchoFolk & Mental Health God isn’t dead, but I’ll get that bastard some day. Kinda captures how I’m feeling lately. Dunno why… 🤷🏽‍♂️ subtle Feb 11, 2023 EdiblesThoughts Sometime, somewhere, someone decided that the word ‘subtle’ would be spelled like that. And someone else said, ‘you are right…’ And thus we all Da Da Da Feb 9, 2023 DaDaDa & Earworm There, now it’s trapped in your head too… ;)
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