Pointless Gun Laws Jul 6, 2022 Gun Control There should, rightfully, be much made of this father’s absolute complicity in the deaths and widespread injuries inflicted on July 4th’s mass little to celebrate Jul 4, 2022 Daily Pic & Politics Gotta be perfectly honest, not feeling there is a whole lot to celebrate about America lately. But I’m always down for some good explosives… trumpet flowers Jul 3, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural dark deck Jul 2, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural yellow feeder Jul 1, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural Cops Are Less Than Useless Jul 1, 2022 ACAB Cops seem awfully calm about violent bigots attempting to break into an all-ages drag show: Alleged Proud Boys members attempt to get into The Mojo fuck you corben Jun 28, 2022 Daily Pic & Politics crumpled silo Jun 27, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural Not Holding My Breath Jun 26, 2022 Abortion & Catholicism Since the archbishop has called on those in the archdiocese to step up in helping women meet the challenges of unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, that pffff Jun 26, 2022 Daily Pic & Selfie
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