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blowing up Sep 17, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Sky Something’s blowing up to the east of me wild hemp Sep 14, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural Sure, it’s all seeds and stems, but this year’s volunteer crop is still coming in nicely! 😈🌲 found a dino Sep 14, 2022 Daily Pic & Wildlife Should’ve put something in frame this to give a sense of scale. Ran across this big guy (2’+ long) on my afternoon stroll through town 🦖 college visit Sep 12, 2022 Daily Pic & Kiddo Somehow, this wonderful human is a senior. I’m really excited for what the future may hold for him. While also really sad that, soon enough, I won’t fifteen miles later Sep 10, 2022 Daily Pic & Selfie & Running The author, after surviving the longest distance he’s ever run in his 51 revolutions! 😅 noisy cock Sep 4, 2022 Daily Pic & Weird Bought it just to annoy our animals. And it definitely does… ;) split the sun Sep 2, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural & Sky Right down the middle life finds a way Aug 30, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural Amazing how the weeds can scratch out a living wherever. This one is growing through some pipe embedded in the ground in a ditch emptying the aquifer Aug 29, 2022 Daily Pic & Rural Neighbors ever so slowly draining my well so that they can delay the consequences of their actions the gargoyle Aug 28, 2022 Daily Pic & Kitty She sat on the end table next to me just like this, staring off into nothingness, for 10+ minutes. I believe she is insane… ;) Next page