Pointless Gun Laws

There should, rightfully, be much made of this father’s absolute complicity in the deaths and widespread injuries inflicted on July 4th’s mass murder du jour.

He threatened to kill everyone, his knives were taken away, and 3 months later, his father still co-signed his Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card, making him eligible to purchase a firearm.

But so should our systems. What is the point of being able to file a clear and present danger report if your idiot family can just sign off and have it ignored? When something like this happens, a functioning system should tear everything surrounding the event apart, find the flaw that allowed it to happen, and then work to address that flaw so that it doesn’t happen again.

In a week’s time, it won’t even be on the radar here. Probably because another handful of innocents will be waiting for their closed-coffin funerals.

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